Post VAX Support

About Post VAX Support Pod

We are a team of professional homeopaths with a goal to help those needing support around COOKIE related issues. This private group has been set up to help you learn more about the scope, efficacy and incredible power homeopathy in this area. Please note that although we welcome discussion on other modalities this is a HOMEOPATHIC group.

Pailin Brzeski

Licensed Homeopath

Stephanie Thullen licensed classical homeopath

Stephanie Thullen

Licensed Classical Homeopath

shelly garrison certified classical homeopath

Shelly Garrison

Certified Classical Homeopath

Sonia Cousillas licensed classical homeopath

Sonia Cousillas

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Kimberly Woods

Homeopathic Consultant

How Post VAX Support Pod works

This team of homeopaths provide the very best in homeopathic care.

Working in a number of different ways, the homeopaths cover a wide range of homeopathic methodologies.  By working as a close-knit team, this means they continue learning and fine tuning their prescribing methodologies to provide the very best care and attention for their clients.

The homeopaths undertake additional training each year in order to keep up with the very latest homeopathic knowledge.