Kimberly Woods’s Pod

Kimberly Woods

Kimberly Woods, C.Hom. has been a homeopathic consultant for more than thirty years. She has completed advanced trainings with three world-renowned Homeopaths: George Vithoulkas, 1997 recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (the Alternative Medicine equivalent of the Nobel Prize), Dr. Luc DeSchepper, MD, PhD, LicAc, CHom, DIHom and Dr. Robin Murphy.

Kimberly has a common-sense approach and natural ability to take a very complex subject and make it understandable and practical. She has taught and lectured on homeopathic prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases such as influenza, Lyme disease, cancer, childhood illnesses, pregnancy, natural childbirth and first aid.

Stephanie Thullen licensed classical homeopath

Stephanie Thullen

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Stephanie Thullen licensed classical homeopath

Anna Bobcov

Classically-Trained Homeopath

How Kimberly works with her pod?

Kimberly Woods works closely with her team members, so that they provide the best homeopathic health care for their clients.

The homeopaths on the team have been chosen because they work in a similar way to Kimberly and with her guidance, you can be assured of the very best care and attention.

The homeopaths undertake additional training each year in order to keep up with the very latest homeopathic knowledge.