Dr. Varsha M. Khurana’s Pod

Dr. Varsha M. Khurana

I’m a mother & physician to my two kids, 11 & 3 yr olds, who have been exclusively on Homoeopathy until now. Extremely passionate about working with women & children for their mental upliftment and physical well being.

Amal Mamoun licensed homeopath

Amal Mamoun

Licensed Homeopath

How Dr. Varsha M Khurana works with her pod?

Dr. Varsha M Kharana works closely with her team members, so that they provide the best homeopathic health care for their clients.

The homeopaths on the team have been chosen because they work in a similar way to Dr. Varsha and with her guidance, you can be assured of the very best care and attention.

The homeopaths undertake additional training each year in order to keep up with the very latest homeopathic knowledge.