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Shrikant Talari

Practicing Homeopath

About Me

Homeopathy happened to me as a realisation. Even though I was pursuing homeopathy for my bachelors degree for the first 3 years it was just a good science. Suddenly one day I start reading Swami Vivekananda’s lectures and feel it is my life to practice homeopathy. Since that day I have been an extremely passionate homeopath, just wanting to change peoples life with this wonderful science.

I love taking up challenging cases and hence choose cancer as my speciality. I believe we as homeopaths need to be clinicians to be better homeopaths. So I work with various cancer hospitals, oncologists while my main focus has always to be a better homeopathic prescriber. The magic of homeopathy is in finding the exact remedy. The closer you get to the remedy greater the quality and quantity of life in such patients.

As homeopathy is the sole active interest in my life. I otherwise love watching cricket. I love reading and learning about great life’s in various fields. As my journey of homeopathy is vitalised by a Spiritual Guru (swami Vivekananda), at my core I am a spiritual person.

I love teaching professional homeopaths and I am a regular faculty at – “the other song” International academy for advanced homeopathy, Prana – The world’s First Homeopathy Yoga Centre. Having given various seminars in India on Cancer and other homeopathic subjects it has solidified my knowledge as a practitioner of the art. I have also given webinars for Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, Canada.

I am from India. Practice in Pune, Maharastra. I was born in Andhra Pradesh and telugu is my mother tongue. I can offer consults in English, hindhi, Marathi and Telugu.

My Special Interest

I love taking up challenging cases and hence choose cancer as my speciality.