alexandra melo practicing classical homeopath

Pailin Brzeski

Licensed Homeopath

About Me

Everything that you are experiencing in this moment is the result of the sequence of events that have occurred throughout your life. In homeopathy we seek to address the cause of what presents in order to achieve healing however in doing so we are often lead through an in-depth process of finding the cause of the cause. Throughout my time in practice I have found that the thread of these causes commnonly leads back to either TOXICITY or TRAUMA. Both can embed themselves so deeply in to a person’s terrain that the result is a disruption to one’s psyche and the healthy functioning of the body’s cells and tissues including the hormonal, nervous, digestive, musculoskeletal and connective tissue systems.

I practice dynamic constitutional treatment that works at the roots of your condition – the result being less anxiety, less pain, improved general health and increased vitality.

I have a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Homeopathy through the University of Middlesex and a Licentiate through the College of Homeopathic Education. Classically trained I have since completing my degree pursued ongoing post-graduate studies with Colin Griffith and Ton Jansen whose complex Human Chemistry Integrated Therapy methodology I incorporate in to my prescribing approach. I am a part of the Post “Cookie” Symptoms, Homeopathy for Trauma and Homeopathy for Teenagers facebook groups.

Homeopathy is both medical science and healing art – profoundly transformative and entirely practical, endlessly fascinating and deeply rewarding.

My Special Interest

TRAUMA: since surgery, birth, accident, emotional or ancestral

TOXICITY: toxic injury, ill effects of medications, metals, poison.