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Mary Greensmith

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

I love homeopathy: I feel that it has changed my whole world!

I studied Classical Homeopathy for 4 years at The South West School Of Homeopathic Medicine and I have had a busy practice ever since. I am a member of Homeopathy International and I work with clients all over the world.

I have continued my homeopathic studies since qualifying with George Vithoulkas, Hilary Dorrian, Colin Griffiths and other Masters. Last year, I completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in homeopathy learning more about research in homeopathy and the collection of medical data of homeopathy to help position homeopathy within the medical establishment and help further the acceptance of homeopathy as a cost effective personalised medicine available around the world.

When I was 21, I found a little small-holding in North Scotland and moved into the mountains to learn more about living from the land, I have a strong pull towards self care and self sufficiency. I wanted to learn how to live life without all of the trappings of the modern day culture. Recently, I spent 7 years living on a boat and traveling around Europe whilst running a full time homeopathic practice helping people around the world.

Whilst in Greece, I helped the refugees stuck on the island of Samos after fleeing trauma and terror from many countries. This experience bought home to me, how important it is to remember that everything we have is very transient, we live in a very volatile world and it takes only one horror to change your health, your future and your whole world.

I now live in rural Devon in South West England in an amazing valley of rivers, forest and meadowland. I live with my husband Paul and my dog Lilly, and we enjoy the space, the quiet and the tranquility of nestling in the countryside away from the hubbub of modern civilisation. Nature provides the energy we need to help contribute towards a better world.

I am proud to be helping to establish the world’s largest team of homeopaths working together helping people around the world. Homeopathy247 provides acute and full consultations around the world and is available 24 hours a day.

Once you begin working with homeopathy, it is very difficult not to want to learn more, and with this in mind, I have created a number of introductory courses to help you learn more about this incredible medicine which can be used safely at home as a first aid application. I also have an app, ‘Homeopathy at Home’ which will help you wherever you are, find the most appropriate remedy to most first aid situations.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your along your homeopathic journey.

My Special Interest


I help people build confidence and become more resilient in life so that they can feel more at ease with the world around them. With clients of all ages and in all walks of life, I find confidence has a huge effect on both the physical body as well as keeping people from achieving their goals, targets and qualifications that they need to step into their future selves.

I often find many behavioural problems are resolved as confidence grows, natural immunity and physical health improves as people feel more comfortable.


I also help people with lung health. Whether you are suffering with asthma, COPD, lung disease or malfunction, I find homeopathy is a brilliant medicine which restores lung health and improves your day to day living experience and lifestyle.