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Kirsty Richards

Classical Homeopath

About Me

Hi, I’m Kirsty Richards (DipHomNZ) I’m a New Zealand-based and qualified Homeopath with over 10 years of experience in Homeopathy and complementary medicine.

After a life-long interest in natural medicine, I became particularly interested in Homeopathy while pregnant with my son 19 years ago. I wanted to have a safe alternative to use for my pregnancy-related issues, that wouldn’t affect my unborn baby. I really knew nothing about Homeopathy at that time, but to my surprise and delight, the remedies I took worked!

This sparked a deeper interest in Homeopathy in me, so I decided to become a qualified Homeopath. Fast forward to now, and I have two children who have been raised on Homeopathy from pre-birth to now in teenage/adult years. They both enjoy good health, neither have any allergies or asthma, and rarely need to see a doctor.

I believe everyone has the ability to heal – sometimes people just need a little guidance to get them back on the right track. I see my role as a facilitator – the Homeopathic remedies ignite the healing response and the client does the rest. Our bodies have innate wisdom and a strong desire to be well, often it’s just a small correction that is needed to begin that journey.

I live on Waiheke Island and have a practice here serving the local community, as well as treating clients throughout New Zealand and Worldwide.

The outdoors is my happy place and in my downtime, you can find me at the beach walking my dog, traveling around the countryside with family, and looking for new outdoor places to explore. My philosophy is life is for living and I bring this energy into my practice.

My Special Interest

I have a particular interest in women’s and children’s health, grief, and trauma and offer an integrative approach using Homeopathy, cell salts, and trauma release techniques.

My clients range from babies (including pre-birth), right through to the elderly, and even the family pet! I’m passionate about empowering families to learn how to use Homeopathy safely and effectively in the home.