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Juliana Barrington

Qualified Classical Homeopath

About Me

Hello, I’m Juliana – mum to three children (two that are now Adults and 1 nearly there!), two horses and two Labradors. Yes, I love my animals! I live in Perth, Western Australia and have been using Homoeopathy for over 20 years, qualifying as a Classical Homoeopath in 2017.

Homoeopathy was something I stumbled across when I was looking for a “natural” alternative to help my horse way back in 1998. I was intrigued that such a small pillule could treat and actually heal such large animals like horses – as well as humans. At that point, I had already been practicing Natural Horsemanship Training techniques for many years and Homoeopathy just seemed to complete the picture. Having the ability to help my family and animals with one remedy that was natural, no side effects AND get great results – this concept really resonated with me and was exactly what I’d been looking for.

So consequently, when my three children arrived in my life, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to use Homoeopathy to treat them for as many conditions as I could, so I started off with a Home Remedy kit and put it to work. I remember seeing a Doctor at one point and he couldn’t believe that my child was 7 and had never had any anti-biotic treatment! That was a really proud mum moment.

Even after qualifying in 2017, I still wanted to learn more about this traditional medicine, so I travelled to Greece in 2019 studying with George Vithoulkass at the International Academy of Homeopathy, and I’m currently now completing the Academy’s two year E-Learning course.

The horse I mentioned earlier, is now 30yrs old, an Appaloosa mare named “Lucy” and I’ve had her since a 2yr old – she’s like my “first-born child”. She’s had many a Homoeopathic remedy over the years, supporting everything from eye inflammation to colic and now more-so treating the elderly horse issues that sadly can arrive in our treasured friends. She’ll walk across the paddock to have her remedy, so I feel she’s happy to take it and agrees with the homeopathic philosophy!

I absolutely love being able to help and educate people of all ages on Homeopathy, knowing how effective and gentle it can be, whilst remaining inexpensive at the same time.

My home is in Chidlow, Western Australia, located in the Perth Hills. I’m surrounded by 3 acres of green horse paddocks and peaceful Australian Bushland nearby that I love to go for long bush-walks with the family or a beautiful ride on my horse.

When I’m not helping my Homoeopathy clients, both local and international, or looking after my children, I take every spare moment I can to spend time with my horses or work on my “green-thumb” in my rose and vegetable gardens.

My Special Interest

Working with Migraine sufferers is particularly interesting to me. How each sufferer can potentially have a different feeling migraine to the next. Its these “individual” symptoms and how the migraine really feels to the patient, are what become so beneficial in finding the correct remedy for the patient. I especially love it when you’re able to relieve a patient of that intense pain when they’ve more than likely been dealing with it for many, many years with no complete relief.

Supporting Horses with Homoeopathy will always give me joy when you know that remedy is either going to work or not – there’s no halfway with animals. I love that, it can’t be questioned. Just sitting and observing them and taking note to match the remedy picture, its these skills that have helped me become a better Homoeopath and I have my dear animals to thank for that!