alexandra melo practicing classical homeopath

Erica Langston

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

Hi there. I am Erica, a Certified Classical Homeopath residing in Southern California. I utilize my classical training, along with advanced methods, to address the complex health issues facing society today. I have helped individuals with a wide range of health issues regain their health – autism, PANS and PANDAS, Lyme, addiction, hyper and hypo thyroidism, PCOS, heavy metal poisoning, heart issues, cancer, and more.

Prior to becoming a homeopath I worked in the medical field for more than a decade. Through that time I realized how out of touch medicine was with the body and how it functions. Watching the body heal with the catalyst of homeopathy has been one of the greatest fulfillments of my life.

Because of my experience in the medical field, when my children ended up with serious health challenges I realized I had to find another way. I had already spent years seeing naturopaths and nutritionists which provided great supportive modalities, but they were not bringing the level of healing I was looking for. When I finally found homeopathy it blew my mind that such a deep level of healing was possible and that it was out there all along. I could not fathom why everyone was not using homeopathy. How was this level of healing possible and no one understood or knew what it was?

I knew I had to find out everything I could about this miraculous method of healing. I left behind years of schooling and years of working in the medical field to find out – “what is this thing called homeopathy?”. Thus here I am today, a homeopath – watching miracles happen everyday.

Outside of my professional life I am a wife and homeschooling mother of 2 boys, and I love spending time in nature whenever possible.

My Special Interest

    In my practice, I treat a lot of Autism, PANS and eczema. Alongside constitutionally Homeopathic prescribing, the part I really enjoy is homeopathic detox. Detoxing from toxic substances, detoxing from damaging medications – past or present, detoxing from where our bodies are stuck – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    The importance of detox is dismissed in medicine, but did you know our bodies have built-in detox mechanisms and pathways? If detox was not important, why is the body made this way? I believe it is because it IS important. We live in an increasingly toxic world and I believe detox is essential for health and healing.

    Homeopathy helps to liberate the body from toxins gently and effectively, beyond the physical level. Individuals on traditional detox programs that have plateaued or are just inching along ever so slowly, may be stuck at a certain point, and once homeopathy is introduced they are able to move through to a new level of healing. It is a beautiful thing. They find relief and gain a new level of clarity.