dr.varsha khurana medically trained homeopath

Dr. Varsha M. Khurana

Licensed Medically-Trained Classical Homeopath

About Me

I’m a mother & physician to my two kids, 13 & 5 yr olds, who have been exclusively on Homoeopathy until now. I am extremely passionate about working with women & children for their mental upliftment and physical well being.

My primary area of interest has been INFERTILITY & PREGNANCY. I treat both primary and secondary types of Infertility in my practice. Once the milestone of conception is achieved, which takes maximum 6-9 months in the most difficult cases, I continue working with women throughout their Pregnancy so they are very well supported for all of the minor and major troubles during that period as well as the optimal health of the fetus as Homeopathy can be very useful for handling the genetic susceptibilities running through the families. Proper preparation for an easy and short parturition is also achieved with homeopathy so the journey can be very fulfilling, as most women using homeopathy do not need many conventional medicines during the whole process from conception to delivery.

During the course of my practice of 18 yrs, I also gathered experience with Mal-adaptive behaviour in Children and it’s various representations that one comes across clinically. I try to work towards their overall development, with the help of medication and counseling.

I see my national & international patients via Zoom or Whatsapp video calls.

My Special Interest

Infertility and pregnancy


English/ Hindi/ Punjabi