alexandra melo practicing classical homeopath

Dr. Alexandra Carneiro de Melo

Practicing Classical Homeopath

About Me

I practice classical homeopathy and provide counselling in holistic treatments and nutrition. With a passion for health and science, I initiated my academic path in the fields of food & nutrition culminating with a PhD in applied microbiology from Kings College London.

Raised two children and supported my family but my love for science never diminished. With the children in mind, soon embarked on a journey pursuing the optimal approach to health and well-being, which led me to becoming a fully trained homeopath. I have found this holistic approach to be most complete, bringing real and lasting health benefits as it focuses on the cause of disease, rather than just the superficial removal or suppression of symptoms. As a scientist and a practitioner of the healing art of homeopathy, I have focused on a system of therapy that has been a blessing to my family, patients and me.t me

As a homeopath, my ultimate goal is to help you live to your fullest capacity, where the entire spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical being is restored to the natural state it was created in. From the times of Hippocrates (considered father to modern medicine) the human being was recognised as a trinity of body, mind and spirit, with the last being perhaps the most important part.”

“Man consists in what he thinks and what he loves, and there is nothing else in man (Dr James T. Kent)”

My Special Interest

All higher forms of animal’s life are capable of producing symptoms of a disease and are thus receptive to homeopathic medicine.

Clearly, there are many animal lovers all over the world who like to think for themselves and, when it comes to illness, prefer a form of treatment that involves no synthetic chemicals, has no side effects and does no harm.

Homeopathy is an active form of medicine. It reinforces the body’s own healing powers and does not suppress them in a way antibiotics and cortisone do. If correctly applied, it sets off natural healing regulatory processes in the organism that can overcome disease. Its action is therefore rapid, safe and sure.

Animals are loving, loyal and dutiful children of Nature. It came as no surprise, whilst living in Greece and getting involved with many rescue operations. It is remarkable how these creatures responded to homeopathic system of medicine. Skeptics often use the argument that homeopathy works because of placebo effect “it is all in the mind of the patient”. Interestingly it is hard to apply the same argument, when research shows that 80% of animals get better or recover totally, after using homeopathic medicine.