alexandra melo practicing classical homeopath

Charlie Ellis-James

Licensed Homeopath

About Me

Homeopathy is incredible. Its power to help people heal and thrive still amazes me every day.

I work with my patients to regain control of their own health. I have a strong grounding in classical homeopathic principles, and use modern approaches to adapt these to who my patients are and what they need.

I trained at the College of Practical Homeopathy, based in London, over six years. I grab every opportunity to further my knowledge, and since then have studied under many homeopaths, including Robin Murphy and Hilary Dorrian.

I believe in blasting your own path. After studying Aerospace Engineering at university, I moved from the UK to Southern Africa. I worked for a portfolio of charities, supporting nature conservation, vulnerable children and homeopathic healthcare. Living in a tent for a few years let me really experience my stripped down version of life, and I adored being truly at the mercy of nature.

Now, living in rural Somerset back in the UK, the health of my family is everything to me. We love immersing ourselves in nature as much as possible. My best days are spent in the outdoors with my young son, wife and our dog. I’m never happier than if I am in the sea, up a mountain, or sleeping under the stars.

Life’s twists and turns take us all on a unique journey. Sometimes we get stuck somewhere near the bottom. Homeopathy can be that gentle step in your path that makes all the difference; it was for me.

I was a ‘poorly child’. On recurring antibiotics, I just never seemed to get better. My immune system was trashed. Most days I didn’t get out of bed. My mum took me to a homeopath when I was ten, knowing nothing about homeopathy but pretty desperate. I started to thrive, at school and life, and never really looked back.

I’m fascinated by the meeting of art and science in homeopathy. My art is in piecing together each person’s story to find the remedy pictures that will best support their healing. The science behind homeopathy is the science of our age; fundamental, and complex.

I believe in making informed choices on what we put into our bodies. By educating ourselves we can regain control of our health, and that of our families.

My Special Interest


Pregnancy is a time when a lot of women want to take care of themselves, and really think about their health and lifestyle choices. It’s also a time when lots of new, or reoccurring, health issues can come up. These may include symptoms of morning sickness, urinary tract infections, anaemia or really anything else.

I’ve never been more grateful to be a homeopath than when I was pregnant. Having access to a safe alternative to conventional medicine made me feel healthy and in control.

I love supporting women through their best pregnancy, and helping to prepare their body and world for a new life.