Tori Sorrell-Cook

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Hi I’m Tori, a home-educating mum to three wild ones (11, 8, 6) a homeopath, doula, circle-leader, animal-lover and wearer of many hats (literally and metaphorically).

It would be fair to say that if there is a road less-travelled I am most likely to be walking down it. It was this curiosity and need to question everything that led me on my journey towards working within natural health.

As a child my mum dabbled in homeopathy so I knew that these ‘magic’ little pills could help my sisters warts drop off, my headaches disappear but it wasn’t until I had my own babies that I really saw the huge benefits of homeopathy in my life. My first son had a traumatic birth and all he did for the first week was scream! Having planned so carefully for a gentle, natural birth the last thing I wanted to do was give my baby chemicals so I found a homeopath who scooped us both up with lots of reassurance and after his magic pill my baby slept for 4 hours straight for the first time ever and calmed (and he’s still my child with the most resilient immune system today). All my babies have been through childhood illnesses including measles, whooping cough and chicken pox, with the help of homeopathy; they now make great patients and give me excellent case information when I am travelling away from them.

Seeing how beautifully homeopathy works with infants the kits became an immediate add to my doula bag as remedies are so gentle and effective for pregnancy and birth. I carried kits, sang the praises on homeopathy to all my pregnant and post-natal clients until one day my homeopath somehow persuaded to hop on the full-time course (with a tiny baby in-tow) and here we are! I have a few more grey hairs but a cup full of knowledge and passion for homeopathy that I just love sharing; I can even be caught telling fellow allotment holders how it’s great for the plants (raising human, animal AND plant babies!)

All of the work I do is about re-connection and finding balance. Homeopathy allows you to make connections between your mental, emotional physical states and lifestyle. It allows you to identify where there is imbalance and with the gentle support of remedies return to a more balanced, connected state.

Weaving together the threads of my experiences, wearing all the hats, I feel drawn to shine a light on the feminine emotional and health journeys as women travel through the cycles of menarche, fertility and menopause. I feel drawn to creating community and sharing connection through tapping into our innate feminine wisdom. I help connect you with your inner self and help you find physical balance, confidence and health. I also have experience working with those with long-term illness as a result of trauma.

To find my own balance I have found nature to be my favourite place (aside from all the imaginary places I go to in books). My whole family has (almost willingly) embraced a love of the outdoors and we can be found raising chickens, building camp-fires, swimming in rivers and often trying to persuade Daddy that we need some more animal friends (and a farm to house them). I am learning to practice mindfulness, have a goal to master paddle-boarding and one day secure myself a practice with a sea-view.