Georgina Wolf

Licensed Classical Homeopath

Hi, my name is Georgina Wolf. I am an experienced Professional Homeopath of 20 plus years.

I originally found Homeopathy in 1995 whilst practicing as a psychiatric nurse. I knew my purpose was to support others but felt the psychiatric world was and still is a touch draconian.

After taking a year out to complete a foundation in Homeopathy I decided I needed my own Homeopath to test the waters. At the time I was well aware I had a few ‘symptoms’ on all spheres of my being, including mental health and an infertile history, however, I had little idea of the magnitude and level to which my Homeopath would go on to treat me.

Why was she asking me if I preferred the sea to the hills? Everyone has a fear of heights, well almost, but what difference does it mean if my vertigo is worse after looking into a mirror?

My hands are not clammy and they do not smell sour! And, yes I do love salt, did I say I loved salt? And so, after my first remedy brought me to a total stand still, whereby I needed almost instant sleep I quickly realised the power of the infinitesimal dose of one homeopathic pill! I slept, boy did I sleep. Naturally I was grateful for this, insomnia being one of my initial symptoms. I decided I had nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

Needless to say, my partner and I found ourselves pregnant! It’s a miracle we thought. Maybe it was, a homeopathic miracle. The rest as they say is History.

For twenty plus years Homeopathy continues to be a seeming miraculous cure. Of course we all know it isn’t, Homeopathy is based on fundamental and natural laws of the world.

Naturally once I realised the power of Homeopathy my family, friends and animals got it too!

I am delighted to be able to consult online, I will provide you an acute or chronic consultation via video or telephone call.