Dr. Anthony De Pontes

Professional Classical Homeopath

My entire life – since a youth – has been about health and healing. I live in a rural town just outside the world-renowned Kruger National park. We are blessed with an outdoor climate and lead an active outdoor lifestyle. I grow my own vegetables and use Agri-homeopathy to promote nutrition and insect free vegetables. I run an integrative medical centre in Nelspruit, where I treat acute and chronic cases, using state of the art modalities with homeopathy being the core.

Besides just using the modality of homeopathy and functional medicine I educate the patient and get them to understand why they have the condition they are suffering with and then, together with the patient, we plot the pathway to enable them to heal, restore their health and gain control of their wellbeing. I give educational talks to various schools and organisations on Corporate Wellness and stress reduction.

I oversee a local homeopathic outreach clinic in an impoverished rural community where homeopathy is very successful.

Homeopathy 247 has provided me with a platform to reach thousands – Online consulting is the way of the future. I incorporate Iridology and Chinese tongue diagnosis while using homeopathic treatment. This allows me to see what tissue changes are occurring in your body, even when you are a thousand miles away.