Amal Mamoun

Licensed Homeopath

Hi, I’m Amal. My experience with homeopathy has literally changed my life. I first encountered the magic of homeopathy when my asthma became persistent and severe, and life had become so limited in what I could do. I was desperate and sought the help of a homeopath. I took my 3 children along with me as each was suffering from different ailments, including eczema.

I was amazed and in awe at the healing, I saw not only in myself but also in all three of my children. I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle and fast the healing was, especially for my children.

I began treating friends and family with homeopathy. I went on to study at CHE London, where I trained in both classical and practical homeopathy to become a fully licensed Homeopathic practitioner.

I have had the pleasure of working with families worldwide with a vast array of ailments.

I am a member of the Homeopathy 247 Animal Coaching Team and specialise in coaching cat owners.

I am passionate about helping others and enabling you to reach the best possible state of health. Ill health holds us back from living out our life to its fullest potential. I believe everyone has a right to good health. I look forward to being of service to you and your family.